Kauai Underwater

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Visitors travel to Kauai for many reasons, and the undeniable main reason is nature — everyone wants a beach getaway with the chance to see monk seals, turtles, rays and whales. The Hawaiian culture is amazingly diverse, as well as the local food and art, and the average traveler soaks up these wonderful aspects of island life, but the chance to see dolphins swimming at the bow of a boat is something far more exciting than their normal day-to-day life experience.

Kauai’s underwater scene has diversity that rivals any other tourist destination. The waters around the island are admittedly dangerous so if you don’t have great swimming skills a tour boat might be your introduction. On most days you’ll see spinner dolphins and turtles, and during the winter months you may encounter humpback whales. Capt Andy’s Sailing, Blue Dolphin, and Holo Holo are great options for your ocean wildlife adventure.


To get up close to nature with your adventurous spirit, a scuba diving intro or certification might be what you’re looking for. Imagine spending nearly an hour at a time underwater watching the fish swim by, and perhaps spying an eagle ray. The reefs on Kauai are teeming with life, and you’ll be sure to see the famous Humuhumu’nukunuku’apua’a, or Hawaiian trigger fish, among many others. Eels, nudibranchs, and fascinating corals are in abundance. For a great dive experience try Seasport Divers, Fathom Five Divers, or Bubbles Below.

Eagle Ray in the Surf

If you’re traveling on a budget, many great snorkel locations are available to you, and turtles, fish, and monk seals can be spotted while swimming. Be sure to swim at a lifeguarded beach, or talk to a lifeguard, if you are uncertain of your abilities. The north shore is normally calm in the summer months, while the south shore is calm in the winter, and “if in doubt, don’t go out” — safety is of great importance on this island. Snorkel gear can be rented at Kauai Bound, Snorkel Bob’s, and Boss Frog’s.

Honu Swim

The underwater life around Kauai is diverse and abundant, and is available for anyone of any ability to view. Because Kauai is the furthest island from any major land mass, the currents, surf, and tides are more dangerous than most people are used to, and caution needs to be observed. If this trip to Kauai is your first, please consult with a lifeguard or other knowledgeable local to plan your ocean activities.



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